Friday, December 17, 2010

Kringle's Inventionasium

Last Saturday while Matt wrote his last paper before graduating with him MBA (more on that later) Gabe and I ventured to Tower City with his Nonny to meet up with my brother and his family. The reason for leaving the warmth of our home in this cold weather? To go to Kris Kringle's Inventionasium. And while Gabe was a bit too young to fully appreciate this experience, from an adult (he,he) stand point; hands-down this is a must do activity during the Christmas season. Especially if your children believe in Santa Clause.

We're not introducing Gabriel into the Santa Clause culture and no that doesn't make us anti-Santa Christmas Grinches though [smile]. But this place is truly magical (to steal my SIL's words).

Upon entering Kris Kringles Inventionasium, you meet your Elf tour, don a white lab coat and get to work creating new and different toys for Santa. There are lots of different activities to do, extraordinarily creative things to see (Gabe's eyes were wide open!) and tons of fun to behold.

After learning that snow is the item children ask Santa for the most, the little scientists engage in a science experiment and create snow. And now, even children in Africa (the elf's words not mine, but slightly ironic all the same) will have snow.

Lastly, you get to take one of your inventions to Santa Clause and tell him about it. And this was probably the best Santa I've ever seen. He took a real interest in what my nephews were telling him, was kind and had sparkly eyes. This gentleman was the perfect person to play Santa Clause. Honestly, meeting him caused me to rethink not getting Gabe's picture taken with him. Just for a second, but a second all the same!

It truly was a fabulously fun family friendly festival (love the alliteration, do you?) And I recommend anyone with little children to go!

But of course no family activity is not wrought with a little chaos and our chaos this time was wet pants!!! After an initial incident with wet pants took us to Children's Place to buy pants for one of the boys, right as we started at Kris Kringle's Gabriel's diaper leaked. And of course, this always prepared Mama didn't have spare pants so he went pants-free through the event and we ended up back in Children's Place to buy another pair of pants!! But that is why you see his chubby little legs. In the words of my Meg, it's a good thing he's a cd baby!
And now for your visual enjoyment (and my documentation):

Gabe and his Uncle Bucko

Jake writing down his idea for a new toy.

Building a tower taller than himself while waiting to talk to Santa Clause.

Sam making a puppet.

Gabe exploring the snow.
Note his cute chunky leg next to the bucket.

Ethan constructing with his JawBones.

This is the toy that he brought into show Santa Clause.

Ethan, Gabe, Jake and Sam at Public Square

Ethan, Gabe with his pin wheel and Me

My brother and his sweet little family at Public Square.

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Alison said...

So fun!!! Looks like this should be a fun Christmas tradition! :)