Thursday, December 16, 2010

This Baby

I had all intentions on sharing our fabulous Saturday afternoon spent at Kris Kringle's Inventionasium but you'll have to wait another day to see a cloth diapered Gabe traipsing around Tower City. I know, I know, if he can't walk, he can't traipse but you get the picture [smile].

As evidence to my play list I obviously like the song Mary, Did You Know but today I heard a different song, one I'm sure I've heard before and either never paid attention to or changed the station on, but today I heard it and actually listened to it.

This Baby by Steven Curtis Chapman (and you know I love me some SCC - any adopting family does!) really made me think about Jesus as a baby and a young child. And how it would feel to be raising and watching the son of God grow up.

Did Jesus cry when He was tired, or was He so full of God's peace that He would just drift off to sleep? Jesus was the only sinless person to ever walk this earth, does that mean he was never disobedient? And how would it be to parent a perfect child? If you never have to redirect or guide them, did Mary and Joseph feel like they were doing their job well?

I smiled when I thought of a baby Jesus looking like a sweet, little juicy cherub like Gabriel. But I wonder if Jesus ever shot his Mama a mischievous look when he did something He knew He wasn't supposed too. But then, since He was a sinless man, He probably had no reason to be mischievous.

Gabe's found his mischievous look and it's generally when he's doing something disobedient like trying to move the floor lamp or play with the television cabinet doors. And when he does this, Matt and I use this opportunity to teach him; that what he's doing isn't safe or appropriate. These opportunities allow me to feel like I'm parenting Gabe, teaching him. Did Joseph and Mary ever have these opportunities?

Even when Jesus stayed at the Temple and didn't start towards home with his parents, He was unrepentant when they found Him because He knew where He was supposed to be.

Oh, how I love thinking of Jesus as a baby, small boy or teenager.

Don't forget to pause the music at the bottom :)

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