Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tonight I wanted to post pictures from Matt's graduation this morning. Yes, my faithful readers after just 2 1/2 short years Matt graduated with his MBA. Going part or full time all the while working full-time, adopting and raising a son and dealing with me :) He's pretty spectacular, if I do say so myself :)

But I can't find my camera. I'm hoping it's in the car but since it's about 10 degrees outside I'll just wait until tomorrow to check.

Instead, you get this:

Lately, I've been freaking out! I've been feeling overwhelmes, stressed and exhausted. All for no good reason... well the exhaustion is partly because of Gabe, so I suppose that is for good reason [smile].

I haven't mailed out all of my Christmas cards yet. Actually, I usually mail them out right after Thanksgiving but this year, only yesterday I mailed the first batch out and Monday I'll mail the rest.

None of my presents are wrapped, I still have one to buy and are waiting for a few to come in the mail. Usually I'm bought, wrapped and ready to go by now.

I've only made 2 types of cookies and the 2nd type haven't even been decorated yet. The decorating part will be rectified tomorrow when my lovelies come over so we can try to reenact what I say on the Pioneer Woman's blog. But the fact that I've only made 2 of the usual 6 - 8 kinds of cookies I normally make means I've fallen behind in that area too.

I've lost too many things in the past few days to count (gloves, hats, socks, cloth diaper, cell phones, butter - yes butter) and fallen behind in filling out all of our adoption paperwork.

My house isn't as clean as I'd like for it to be, my laundry not finished and mass disorganization seems to be my representative for this Christmas season.

But tonight, as I sit with Gabe on my lap (who'd want to sleep comfy in his bed? Not Gabe, that's for sure) I've realized none of this really matters.

Jesus' birthday will still be celebrated whether my house is clean, the cookies are made or each present wrapped perfectly. For the rest of this season these two things will matter:

The manger and the cross. Without both, their significance would be lacking. The baby in the manger, would be just that if Christ hadn't died on the cross and rose three days later.

For the rest of this advent season I will work to remember the important things: celebrating Christmas, enjoying friends and family and relishing in this season of love.

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Alison said...

It's definitely a busy season, but you're so right...Jesus is the reason that we celebrate!! And I don't know how you're doing adoption paperwork during the middle of Christmas...that would be tough! Hope you have lots of free time after Christmas to work on it! :)