Sunday, February 13, 2011

And it feels so good...

You know the Peachers and Herb song "Reunited and it Feels so Good?" Well that's the phrase that came to mind as Matt and I wrapped up our education this evening. Wrapped up as in FINISHED! And while not finished in the meanings of no longer educating us on the many facets of international adoption for that is an ongoing, continual process. But finished as in done with the mandatory classes and workbook required by our agency. So sing it with me....

"Finished Education and it feels so good
Your assumption that I may be slightly crazy is correct, but that's just how excited I am to have this step done. That brings us one step closer to our newest little baby, the baby we have yet to lay eyes on but the baby God knows already belongs in our family.
So, maybe "Reunited and it feels so good" may fit because while we haven't met him (or her) yet, he already owns a piece of our heart and finishing this step brings us a little closer to being reunited. Does that make sense? If not, oh well... it's just how I'm feeling.
Oh, how I long to walk out of an air plane and step foot in our baby's birth country.

And while I'm posting this a tad-bit late, wouldn't these be great Valentine's Day presents? Yes, I just realized this morning that tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Good thing Matt knows I love him!

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