Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Together Again

A little more than four hours south is a wonderful place; a place filled with love and laughter, chickens and tractors, dirt roads and grassy knolls and lots and lots of family! Like GAK!

After months of planning and canceling trips to southern Ohio to visit GAK and the rest of our extended family, we finally made it! And for the first time Gabriel met his Great Uncle Dennis (we tried to calling him GUD but Gabe seemed to respond to him as Papaw) and my cousins and their children. Before moving to their farm they lived in the same city as us and many of my childhood memories include my cousins. It was really important for me that Gabe meet, know and love these people like I do.

Generally Gabe doesn't do well with strangers but he was enamored with my Uncle Dennis! Gabe loved him, laughed with him, played with him, yelled with him and went for his first ever tractor ride with him! Gabe went on a tractor, a loud tractor with a virtual stranger and loved it! Loved it so much that he didn't want to get off! Is he not his father's son?

Besides meeting Papaw he loved playing with my cousin Buzzy's babies Blake and Kierstyn and Peyton, my cousin Lisa's 10 year old. He pretty much thought she was the coolest. And she was incredibly sweet and kind with Gabe.

Gabe and my cousin Buzzy (Derrick)

Gabe and Peyton

Gabe and my cousin Emily!

please note the miniature Chihuahua named Riley - Gabe loved her! Hmm...

Gabe did miss his Daddy though and when I'd ask him to talk to Daddy he'd put his hand up to his ear like he was chatting on the phone!

And of course, Gabe was able to reunite with GAK. She loves him so, and while he likes her now, one day I'm certain he'll adore her as much as I do.

Leaving is never easy but we can't wait to see everyone again! And on the way home, while the bad weather slowed us down quite a bit, we didn't get stuck for hours and hours like some other Ohioans.

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Mari Bryant- Marks said...

That looks like so much fun :)