Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Off the charts

Alternately titled Two Good Things Happened Today

Today was a beautiful day in Northeastern Ohio, so beautiful that rather than doing the ironing after nap time (yes, nap time is for both the baby and the mama) we went for a walk around the neighborhood. After being stuck inside for the better part of the past 4 months, walking around the neighborhood felt liberating. 52 degrees today, 60 tomorrow... and while I know the snow isn't gone for good yet, Gabe and I, we plan on taking advantage of these beautiful days!

And yes, in typical northeastern Ohio craziness, there were definitely kids wearing shorts outside. Not quite short weather for us, but that's just what we do up here!

But long before nap time Gabe had his 18 month well visit (and physical for our adoption). As our sweet baby boy enters toddler hood, he's starting it with a bang. Besides being really angry the whole visit, Gabe was weighed and measured. Here are his stats:

weight: 27 lbs 7 oz; 75 percentile
height: 35 1/2 inches; off the charts!
So, while all the moving Gabe is doing is steadily decreasing his juiciness, he hasn't slowed down on growing. He's so long that he's no longer on the height/weight charts the doctors use to determine if your child is normal, failing to thrive, etc.
Well, this little man is certainly not failing to thrive! He's growing and thriving, learning and changing each and everyday.
To celebrate his 1 months, we met Daddy at Steak and Shake. Since we were celebrating, we had the typical touristy fun and Gabe wore the Steak and Shake hat. Isn't he just the cutest?

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