Thursday, July 21, 2011


7 hours didn't seem quite as long as it sounds when you're waiting for the most anticipated movie ever made. Maybe not the most anticipated movie ever made for everyone but to die hard fans this event was the culmination of 14 years of Harry Potter adoration.

Eating pizza, limiting beverage intake, taking pre-movie pictures and talking (lots and lots of talking) caused the long wait in line to seemingly disappear. In what seemed like no time at all we were standing up waiting to be let into the theater. Running to our seats wasn't completely necessary this time but we did it anyways! And the seat of champions were ours.

Snape, Snape, Severus Snape - oh how we love you. And hate you.

Me, Samantha and Sarah

Meg, Me and Sondra

Me, Meg and are usual in theater, pre-movie picture

(please note cute baby bump on Meg!)

Our whole group in the Seat of Champions!

Sam, Sarah, Jen, Sarah, Meg, Me Sondra

The movie never slowed down and was action packed plus full of emotion. If you haven't read or watched any Harry Potter just know that the second part of the movie is all about confronting death. It was good to hear Sondra and Megan sniffle through out parts as it reassured me that I was not the only one crying. I even cried when I saw it the second time on Sunday with my nephews, Caleb and Ethan. The movie was just that good.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was an absolutely phenomenal movie. It was legendary. It was epic. And now it is over.

I was blessed to be able to share these extravaganza's with my closest friends. And I can't wait to be able to share the adventure of Harry Potter with my children, at the appropriate ages of course!

I will always love Harry Potter and all it ensues. Harry Potter will always evoke strong and powerful memories about life, friends and the battle of good and evil. Like the last words of one of the most adversarial characters, Harry Potter will hold a special place in my heart. Always.


Lisa said...

I have not read Harry Potter or watched the movies. I would like to with my kids when they are the appropriate age. In your opinion, what age do you think is appropriate?

Meredith said...

Lisa, I think it depends on your child but my nephew read the first book at age 8, although he hasn't read any more. We'll probably wait until Gabe is closer to 10 - 12 to read/watch Harry Potter. It's going to be something so fun for you share with your kids :)