Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's just easier

In our every day life it seems easier to overlook the wretched things the go on and stay comfortable in our air conditioned, well-fed lives. I know that's how it is for me.

It's easier to turn the radio station when their asking for pledges for a feed the children campaign.

It's easier to change the channel when the 700 Club is advocating for sponsors for orphans.

It's just easier to forget that there are an estimated 147 million orphans in the world; children who are hungry, scared and alone. Children who go to bed without a hug good night from their daddy. Children who wake up without a good morning kiss and smile from their mommy.

It's easier to see this picture and click off my blog.

Meet Teri Lynn. An orphan in Eastern Europe who aged out of her orphanage at 4 1/2 and was transferred to a governmental institution. The picture on the left shows an orphan alone and longing for a family. The photo on the right shows an orphan bruised, battered and changed; a little girl that needs a lot of hope. And a miracle from God. Click here to read more of Teri Lynn's story. Adeye from No Greater Joy is a God-given advocate for orphans and is trying to find Teri Lynn's forever home.

It's easier to pretend that orphans like Teri Lynn don't happen; that the orphan crisis is not our problem and that 'you' can't make a difference. But just because it's easier doesn't make it right and doesn't make the situation any less horrible.

But one person can make a difference. While one person can't do all the work, everyone can do something. Advocate for an orphan, donate to an orphanage, give up your coffee for a week and feed a child in Africa for a month. Support an adoption or an organization like Reece's Rainbow.

It would be easier to continue living our quaint American life and keep thoughts of starving, neglected orphans at bay. But just because it's easier, doesn't make it right. And many times when you choose the harder path, you reap imaginable benefits.

The Bible mentions defending the rights and caring for orphans more than 40 times. It's definitely not a coincidence.

Right now, I'm working on not choosing the easier path in life; the path where my heart is changed and my spirit is stretched.

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