Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Check on the List

Yesterday afternoon we heard some good news on the adoption front. Our new home study was approved!!!! For some reason I assumed that there would be a few things that needed changed. I'm not saying that Leah would miss something, it just seems with this adoption process we hit every bump possible.

Now we're just waiting for our Texas background checks to come back. I'm not sure why it's taking so long considering we've only lived here for a little over 2 months and there's not that much of a background to look at!

Once that comes (our home study should be here in a few days), we'll mail out our dossier and USCIS fingerprint application (again!) and then be added to the wait list.

Woot woot! Every little step feels so good considering all the setbacks we've encountered. But anything worth doing isn't usually easy.

Closing with a little bit of Gabriel cuteness for the grandparents out there! And everyone else, of course!

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Alison said...

Our Texas background checks took forever to come back too! Hope you gets yours soon, so ya'll can get on the waitlist!!! :)