Wednesday, July 6, 2011

His Study

Gabe loves books. Or bookies as he calls them. He'll find the one he's looking for, pick it out of the bookshelf, page through it himself or come find me or Matt to read it to him.

We had only packed 5 or 6 books to take with us to the hotel. That was NOT enough! Gabe's therapists gave him a going-away gift which was a Barne's and Noble gift card so we picked up a few more books and some alphabet blocks. But after a few more weeks, it still wasn't enough! I ordered a few books from Barefoot Books and we finally had enough to keep Gabe occupied.

One of the first things we (I - Matt is not obsessive like me!) did when we moved in was organize the books and set-up Gabe's study. He loves it! And we love that he loves books!

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Heather and Chad said...

As I am reading this Hayden is sitting with his pile of books "reading" away!! Love that they love books!!!!