Friday, September 2, 2011


In 1991 the Ford Taurus and Honda Accord were two of the three most popular selling vehicles. The third car, and the top-selling vehicle of the list, was Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. And Gabriel is now the proud owner of his own Cozy Coupe. For the 30th anniversary Little Tikes pulled out all the stops; ignition key, a open and close gas cap and some sweet wheels Gabe is definitely the star of the road.

Super cool in his new car.

Umm... where does this go?

The steering wheel doesn't seem to be working...

The steering wheel was not necessarily a fault of Little Tikes but more because of the fact that Gabe's car wasn't completely finished being built when he took it for its first test drive. Gabe loves to drive around in his little car and looks super cute as well but as he cruises in his Cozy Coupe I get visions of life 14 years from now when he'll be wanting to cruise around in a much bigger vehicle.

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