Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mail Time

When I was younger I used to love to get the mail always hoping that something would be in it for me.  Rarely there was and I was always envious of all those envelops addressed to my parents.  Ahh, if I'd only known then they were bills and not something super exciting (not sure what I thought my parents received in the mail all the time) like I predicted I probably wouldn't have been so excited the first few months living in our own house and getting lots of mail. 

Here in Texas we get more junk mail than I could ever imagine.  I'm grateful that there's paper recycling or I'd be putting up quite a fight against all the garbage we get in the mail.  Every. Single. Day. 

That being said, I'm pretty indifferent to getting the mail.  This afternoon I ran (or walked... it was 105 out for goodness sake), unlocked the mail box and found 3 things of junk, a bill and a letter from Homeland Security.  I was so excited I practically skipped home, tore open the envelop and found our letter of favorable determination from the USCIS.  I read it a couple times to make sure it was real; we were just fingerprinted last week and I sent an email to our agency just to check the wording and make sure it really was our FDL! 

Getting your FDL is a big deal!  And we have it!!!  I may run to the mailbox tomorrow just in celebration of the fabulous mail delivery today.  Or maybe not because it is still super hot here.

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