Wednesday, September 14, 2011

And the wait begins

It seems like we've been waiting for a long time to get on the wait list for our little one(s). Now that we are there, I feel like we should still be doing something. But really, until we get a referral there's not much else to do. Of course, there are books to read and websites to browse about adoption, attachment, Ethiopia... but with my love of reading that's not really 'doing' anything. Ya know what I mean?

Besides calling to tell us that all of our paperwork was officially and we were on the wait list, our caseworker gave us our September numbers.


Our September numbers are as follows:
boys: 97
girls: 125
siblings: 45

Now those numbers are a little bit deceiving because not everyone in front of us has our parameters. We are open to adopting a boy, girl or sibling set between the ages of 0 - 2.

In regards to the numbers, our caseworker said it could be up to 18 months before a referral. That time line is quite a bit discouraging but we have faith that our family will grow all in God's perfect timing. Besides, our adoption attorney told us most of her clients were with her for 4-5 years, and we brought Gabe home less than 8 months to the day we first met with her. Time line or no time line, no one really knows when our family will grow.

I do have a little project planned for after our beach vacation; I'm going to make card stock hearts (I think hearts: pink, blue and maybe yellow for our sibling number...although now that I type it out the shape of Africa would be fun but maybe too difficult) of our numbers and hang them up on our living room wall. Each month we'll tear them down as we get our new (and hopefully lower) numbers! Fun stuff, right?

And after Gabe went to bed, Matt and I celebrated our new status with some Dairy Queen blizzards!

Nothing better than a M&M blizzard from DQ


Carrie said...

Yeah! Numbers...they are big; aren't they? When we started out on the list for Moses we started at like number 6 or something like that! Unbelievable! Cannot wait to be on this journey with you!

Kim said...

New to your blog.. praying the numbers drop as quickly as possible!