Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vacation Part 2

Tuesday September 20, 2011 the Murnan's and the LaGorga's traveled southwest to Olando. The destination being Universal Studios Island of Adventure. Or more accurate The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Yes, just 2 short months after the culmination of a long lasting love affair with Harry Potter, I was surrounded by all things Harry Potter.

Sondra and I on our way to Orlando

I felt like singing "now I've got a golden ticket" but I refrained. You're welcome!

Our first glimpse of Hogwarts! I'm not embarassed to admit that there was some girlie shrieking, sweaty palms and racing hearts. It was just that exciting. I have to wonder though how I'd be able to contain my excitement if I ever had the opprotunity to meet Daniel, Emma or Rupert or go to London and see Platform 9 3/4. I'd probably need a sedative, a strong one [smile].

Another view of Hogwarts

But first, Suess Landing

Gabe was not having the carousel ride this time.

The Cat in the Hat, Matt and Gabe

And the real fun begins...

Hogwarts Express

Flourish and Blotts (with books by Gilderoy Lockhart and his moving photo's)

Beauxbotons and Drumstrang

and the Hogwarts chorus, complete with croaking bull frogs

Pumpkin juice - much better than expected!

Butterbeer!!! Absolutely fabulous! A touch of cream soda, a taste of root beer and a whole lot of frothy goodness. It's no wonder that J. K. Rowling approved it! Even Gabe liked it, although it had a bit of an elfin effect on him [smile].

And now into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Mandrakes (check out the little eyes peering above the soil)

flower in Professor Sprouts greenhouse

the phoenix that allows you to enter Dumbledore's office

the sorting hat

the pensieve

Back outside of Hogwarts. It's called Hogsmeade but it's a complimation of the village of Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley.

Gringott's ATM. Super fun!

Olivander's Wand Shop. You actually get to choose your wand here, or better yet the wand chooses you. There was always a ton of people waiting in line so we never made it in. One of the coolest details of Olivanders is that the upstairs window is piled to the top with wand boxes.

Chocolate Frogs complete with wizarding cards. Mine had Salazar Slytherin

Cauldron Cakes and other yummies

and finally some Fizzing Whizbees!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was absolutely amazing. The whole visit I felt like I was using an insane amount of superalitives to describe what I was seeing but there was no way to just use nouns! From the snow topped roofs, detail orientated shops to the very character-ish workers, it seemed as though every detail was thoroughly thought out.

Lunch in the Three Broomsticks was a plethora of English cuisine and the Hogs Head was right next door. We didn't go in, because well, it'd just be weird to have a baby in a bar but looking in, it was picturesque to how it's described in Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix.

The only ride we went on was Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (which was orginally supposed to be called Harry Potter and the Flight of the Pheonix - not important but just a fact!). It was a tour of Hogwarts and again it was utterly fabulous. There were dragons, dementors and you followed Harry, Ron and Hermione the whole time. We all loved it and then browsing in Filch's Emporium afterwards was superb as well.

Everything about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was memorable.

September 20, 2011 was definately a day I'll remember. Besides spending a week at the beach with Matt, Gabe and my lovelies; our day at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter tops my list of vacation memories.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mere.... I was sooo looking forward to part 2 of vacation until you said Harry Potter.... ughhh! LOL I do love the pick of the cat in the hat with his arm around Matt and Gabe staring! Matt was probably thinking, why is this guy touching me and Gabe was probably thinking why are you touching my dad? Cracks me up!

Carrie said...

My niece just became engaged in this very place at the entrance of where the train is last week! I thought you might like that.... :)