Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vacation Part 1

Over 15 months ago, we started talking about going on vacation with our friends the Abel's and the Murnan's. After some discussion and lots of house hunting, we decided we were Daytona Beach bound. Amazingly the time went quickly and last friday we found ourselves on our way to Daytona Beach.

Last Friday, Gabe was ready to go in the backseat of our overly full SUV. It's pretty crazy the amount of stuff that we 1.) brought with us and 2.) needed for a week at the beach.

After 15 hours driving from Texas to Florida we were there! Our house was lovely and directly on the beach. Quick showers and lunch were on the schedule before we walked down our little path to the beach.

And then Gabe met the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. And. He. Loved. It. Was there really any doubt. Sitting in the sand letting the waves splash over him brought giggles and smiles from Gabe. He loved when the water would rush back into the ocean and Gabe helped the ocean out by pushing the water back in with his hands.

We went to the beach as often as possible. Gabe never wanted to stay too long after he'd taste the salty water, so we tended to make frequent short trips. Morning, afternoon and evening walks on the sand is on my list of favorite things we did at the beach as well as wave jumping with Meg and Sondra.

Matt's dislike for the ocean, or at least his dislike for going out in the water past his knees was actually fortuitous this vacation because he would always stay on the beach with Gabe whenever I wanted to go out far.

Vacation is certainly different with a toddler in tow. I usually read for hours while sitting on the beach. This vacation I finished 1 book and read 2 others but my reading time was only when we were driving or at night in the house. Sleeping in past 7, relaxing on the beach or sitting on the back patio were definitely things of the past but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Sitting in the sand burying our feet, pushing a stroller up and down the beach looking at birds, getting sand everywhere and giving a naked baby a bath on the back patio with the hose. Yep, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't change a thing.

jelly fish left on the sand after the tide rolled out

writing Gabe's name in the sand

the girl behind the camera :)

the back of our little beach house

fresh and clean Gabe straight from the beach

the crane that made it's home in the bushes in our backyard

Spending a week in a beach house on the Atlantic with Matt and Gabe and the extended family I have in my lovelies was utterly amazing. And so much fun!

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