Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Meet and Greet

Before we left for vacation, Gabe and I stopped by the Christian book store in our neighborhood. I was delighted to see it was exactly like the Christian book store at home. And Gabe was even more delighted to see that the whole back part of the store is dedicated to Veggie Tales.

To say that Gabe loves Veggie Tales is an understatement. He watches a show everyday and always requests to listen to Larry in the car. His favorite birthday present was his Veggie Tales Nativity Set and I can recite his Veggie Tales books by heart.

Gabe is addicted to Veggie Tales. And I don't really mind. Their message is awesome, the music - a little catchy and come on, who doesn't like talking vegetables?

Needless to say when we were checking out with a few new c.d.'s for our long trip to Florida and the store clerk mentioned that Bob and Larry would be visiting the store on October 29th, I knew we had to be there!

On to the calender it went, and yesterday we ventured to New Life Christian Book Store to meet Gabe's favorite guys!

And unlike his meeting with the Cat and the Hat... Gabe loved them. He gave both Bob and Larry a high-5, but requested a Larry balloon and held on to Larry's hand whenever he was close enough to reach him. It was too cute. And oh so precious.

Thank you New Life Christian Book Store for hosting Bob and Larry to the delight of our son!

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Anonymous said...

I love that Gabe is holding his hand!!! How sweet and precious!