Sunday, October 23, 2011


At least twice a day for the past week I've thought to myself "I should blog about that" but I just haven't been in the mood. Which is so unlike me because blogging is so cathartic for me and I love to do it but alas, I have not felt like doing it. Putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard in this case, allows me to express myself except at times when my thoughts are so jumbled with emotions that I can't type to save my life. Like right now. Good thing my life doesn't balance on my ability to type or I'd be in a fair bit of trouble.

Last Friday, I recieved great news from our old church, the church that when visiting I walk into and immediately feel like I'm at home. Our old church is going to start an Orphan-Adoption Care Ministry and while I was talking to the missions director I was ecstatic to hear this fabulous news. However, shortly after learning about this new ministry I was, well honestly sad and even a bit mad. Sad that I am missing out on this opportunity, sad that our new church seems to have other goals for the future besides starting an orphan ministry (which I completely understand) and honestly a little angry that the orphan-adoption care ministry started after we left. I realized my anger is not valid and now I am just disappointed that I missed out on this opportunity. It took until today that I realized how silly I was being.

Monday the weather man said we had seen the end of the 90 degree days here in Houston. He lied. However there were a few days that were in the 70's and we spent plenty of time outside enjoying the reprieve of hot weather. Friday it was 91, hence the 'he lied' statement.

This weekend was our community's annual garage sale. And boy was it disappointing. It seemed like people just dumped their junk out on their driveways with absolutely no forethought. The only item we found was well worth the dollar we paid.

Matt's mom came into visit from Ohio on Friday. And on Saturday Gabe met his Great Uncle John and his lovely wife for the first time. And Gabe now has a new girl friend as he loved Christina. He loved her so much that he followed her around after she'd leave the room and wanted her to hold him over me. If you know Gabe, you know how monumental that is.

The weather is supposed to be in the 70's this week but I'll believe it when I feel it and am not feeling 90 degree heat penetrate my skin when we go outside. Speaking of weather (again), we took Matt's mom to the Houston Prime Outlets and I found a steal of a super cute jacket at J.Crew. I've had my eye on it since this summer and once it was on sale for $25 I just had to scoop it up! I haven't had a jacket for years but realized my thick Ohio-winter coats would be a little too warm for the majority of the winter. I'm a little too excited to have the opportunity to wear it.

Hopefully tomorrow we'll receive our October numbers for our adoption wait list. I under estimated how much I'd be depending on these numbers to get us through each month.

And that ends the most random post ever.

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