Monday, October 24, 2011

Sleep Over & a Dinner Out

Whenever we head home to Ohio, while packing I'm anxiously awaiting many things in Ohio...

spending time with family
catching up with friends
visiting our old church
eating at First Watch
the list goes on...

One of my favorite things to do (and see) while in Ohio is Gabe with his cousins. He loves Caleb, Ethan, Jacob and Sammy so much. He asks for them as soon as we get to my parents house and for days after we return to Houston. Then he just demands to see their pictures saved on the computer.

But while we're in Ohio, Gabe is in heaven when his cousins are around. A trip to Ohio guarantees a sleep over filled with laughter, fun and lots of wrestling.

And when the sleepovers are done and Gabe's cousins have to go to school during the week, Gabe misses them. A lot. So spur of the moment dinners together are a must. A few weeks ago when we were home we went to the Golden Corral together. Gabe was in heaven because his cousins were there, and well I was pretty much in heaven because there was a chocolate fountain. With rice krispie treats. And strawberries. And marshmallows. And lots of chocolate. Check out the faces (and chins) of these chocolate loving boys!

No matter where Gabe is when he spends time with his cousins, it nearly always tuckers him out.
Gabe fell asleep on the way home, his arm tucked around his newest treasure; a gift from his cousin Jake.

And the music in my mind starts playing "memories"... {smile}

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