Wednesday, June 13, 2012

9 months waiting

Waiting is hard... although right now the word hard doesn't seem nearly strong enough to describe how it feels to be waiting 9 months for your newest little love... waiting with no end in sight. 

"Hard times call for furious dancing"
-Alice Walker

But today, rather than dwelling in the overwhelming feelings of waiting... we are going to dance. 
We are going to dance on our way to the swimming pool this morning, we are going to dance in the car as we drive to physical therapy this afternoon and we are going to have a Veggie Tales/ Go Fish dance party when we get home.  

We will dance!  And we will be happy because we have made it nine months; nine months closer to the day that we see our sweet ones face for the first time, nine months closer to the day we hold our little love in our arms for the first time and nine months closer to the day we become a family of 4 (or 5!). 

You turned my wailing into  dancing; you removed
my sackcloth and clothed me with joy"
-Psalm 30:11


Stephanie said...

I am waiting with you too kiddo... Although I know it's much harder for you... I wait with you and your family as well. I am looking forward to your new babies too!

Colin and Jess said...

I had a family member say in regards to all the paperwork/education/etc. we are doing to adopt, "Oh so it's like being pregnant". Um, no. Not at all.

Glad you are experiencing joy on top of underlying pain with waiting. It's difficult, but God has endless reserves!