Monday, June 25, 2012


Life is crazy busy right now. 

I have 5 "lists" right now and one of them has a sub-list. Yes, you read that correctly.  I may be neurotic but at least I'm organized, right?

We leave for Ohio tomorrow and before we go two lists will be completely checked off, Gabe and I will have driven downtown for an appointment and then towards the other side of town for his physical therapy appointment.  It seemed like a good idea when we changed the time of PT so that he could get in another session before vacation but now I'm thinking I was just a little off my rocker thinking we'd do both.  Maybe, just maybe Houston won't be too horrible and I won't have to white knuckle drive all over town. 

Speaking of driving; I am a huge multi-tasker.  With a toddler, if I didn't multi-task we would
 never eat a hot meal, have clean clothes and we'd most certainly live in a dirty house.  After a meeting Matt had at work we have removed one area of multi-tasking; talking and driving.  Now I didn't ever text and drive but talked and drove frequently.  I mean when would I have an adult conversation if it wasn't when I was driving.  But the distraction isn't worth it.  I am transporting one of God's biggest blessings with me most of the time and we've decided it's just not worth it.  And this not talking while we're driving thing... I think it's made me a better parent.  I use that time to talk more to Gabe; we sing songs, he reads letters off of street signs and we just enjoy our time together in the car. 

Speaking of cars, Matt was in a hit-and-run accident about a month ago.  He wasn't hurt, just sideswiped on the feeder road of a major highway.  Before the driver of other vehicle left the scene, Matt got his license plate number.  Evidently the driver of the vehicle was not the owner of the vehicle AND has an arrest warrant out for himself.  Another note of importance is that if you don't answer your insurance companies phone calls, they won't process the claim so you can get off scot free.  Our faith now rests in the HPD; that with all of the homicides, trafficking and violence they have to sort through they will have time to track down the car, speak to the owner of the vehicle and find the driver and address our situation.  This is one of the downfalls of living in a large metropolitan area :/

Continuing with the theme of being all over the place, I leave for El Salvador in 19 days.  I'm excited, nervous, filled-with-anticipation, scared and a little worried.  The worry solely involves leaving Gabe.  He'll be in very capable hands, just not my hands.  I've written copious amounts of notes for my mom, the freezer has some premade meals with more to come when we get back from Ohio. 

I'll have 3 days between getting home from Ohio and leaving for El Salvador.  I will need to shop, pack, do laundry, go to appointments, pick my mom up at the airport and then do the important stuff like take Gabe to the pool and splash pad, read 1000 books and play trains for 5 hours a day.  Because in light of the craziness going on, those are the important things.  Spending time with Gabe, laughing, cuddling and reading; making memories, not matter how big or small - those are the things that are most important.

And that ends the most hodgepodge blog post ever.  If you read this far, you must really love me!  Or be really bored [smile].

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