Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Discovery Green

Today we met up with some friends at church and headed down to Discovery Green.  It's a neat little park in the heart of downtown Houston filled with lush green grass, little kiosks to eat, places to meet, jungle gyms and a fabulous splash park.  We went for story time!  This week was Bernstein Bears and while Gabe was really excited by the big televisions that showed the pages of the books he was a little intimidated by Brother and Sister Bear.

Story time was followed by a picnic lunch and then came Gabe's favorite part of the morning; the splash pad.  Although we were unaware there even was a splash pad, Gabe didn't care.  He romped around the splash pad in his clothes.  He was much more adventurous than his play mates and scooted around the splash pad finding the biggest bursts of water possible. 

Next Tuesday Curious George is visiting Discovery Green and I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find us there again!  Perhaps we'll be a little better prepared for the splash pad this time!

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