Monday, June 4, 2012


I've found that the LaGorga ship sails quite a bit smoother when we are prepared to improvise.  Take today, a Monday, a 97 degree Monday.  On Monday our neighborhood pool is closed*.  However the splash pad is open.  The splash pad was broke last week but working on Saturday when Matt, Gabe and I went to the pool and it was working this morning when we drove by on our way to OT. 

After lunch, we put on sunblock and headed on over.  I couldn't believe it, no one was there!  As we walked closer, I noticed the ground was completely dry.  Not wanting to even acknowledge any other possibility I blamed the heat for drying the ground so thoroughly. We walked in, I rubbed the post that contains the sensor to start the water and nothing happened.  I rubbed it again.  We waited.  I may have said a silent prayer or two because I was imagining the melt down that would ensue when I would have to take a dry, hot Gabe home.  I'll admit, I tried again... and again, no water began to run. 

Big huge bummer!  I calmly explained to Gabe that the splash pad was broke and told him we had to go home.  He sadly responded with "no home."  But there was no tears, no tantrums, just one sad little boy. 

On my way home I wracked my brains for something fun to do.  I wasn't sure where his little pool was hidden and Gabe is not fond of playing in the sprinkler.  Well, he used to love the sprinkler!  Then a few months ago, he was either bit or stung while playing in the sprinkler and his love affair ended there. 

But today, it was hot.  So I decided to improvise.  I sprayed the driveway down so that it wasn't hot and turned the sprinkler on.   Slow and steady, that's our Gabe.  First he just sat in the spray, then he turned and put his feet closer, next it was a hand and then he was all over it.  Face in the sprinkler, picking up the sprinkler and trying to spray me... he was having fun. 

Catastrophe averted!  Water fun for all!

*To be honest, our neighborhood has two pools: one is two streets over and down a tiny bit.  The other one is a mile down the road.  While we frequently walk to that park because it doesn't have sand (read - public kitty litter) under the climber it is just a little too far away to walk when it is 97 degrees.  And humid.


Dardi said...

I think part of the mommy job description is to have McGyver-type skills! Good job!!!

Steve & Megan said...

I haaaaaate the sand box!!!! Soooo icky.