Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's back!

The splash pad has had a few problems this season.  It seems to work only every other day or only a few random hours (that we never seem to catch) some day.  But yesterday after a full week of the splash pad not working, it was on! 
Gabe and I were already at the pool when we noticed it was on so when the lifeguards called for break time we decided to forgo the relaxing in the baby pool and headed over to the splash pad.  It was perfect timing because Matt texted me to let me know some friends were headed that way in case Gabe wanted to play. 

Gabe was excited to see his friend Rylan but even more excited by the three older boys that allowed him to follow them around.  They were super kind to include him in their fun; run around him, splash him and spray him with the water gun.  Gabe loved it! 

Do you want to see?

I was super grateful for sweet kids and happy moments at the neighborhood splash pad. 

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