Saturday, July 28, 2012

Collecting my thoughts

I really want to share  about El Salvador. I assumed I'd do a day by day synopsis as this is not just a way to keep our family and friends informed about our life but also a journal of our family but I'm having trouble putting all of my experiences, thoughts and feelings into words.
Ann Voskamp said it best when she said "Who can expect to make sense of a loud world when they haven’t made quiet space before God?"  So while I struggle to write about El Salvador, I'm finding it easiest to make the most sense of what God showed me, taught me and is working on in me when I'm spending time reading my Bible, praying and just being still... or not so still spending time with Gabe while thinking of the little loves I left behind in La Libretad.
Bear with me, I'll share soon; my first orphanage experience, sharing the gospel in a displaced community, hearing the word of God spoken in Spanish but truly feeling the Holy Spirit there.
Every bit of my experience was unbelievable.  God is so good.  He is doing some wonderfully awesome (massimo!) things in La Libretad and I was able to witness a few of them.

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