Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Numbers - Oh My!

This was an exciting month of movement for our adoption agency!  While I was in El Salvador many prayers were answered and a flood gate of referrals was opened.  There was so  much movement that we completely skipped over the 60's on the boy referral waiting list and the 80's on the girls referral waiting list.  Seeing our numbers tonight in our monthly update, well, it just rocked my socks off. Better than seeing our numbers go down is knowing that children have now found their forever families.  God is so good.

And without further ado, our July wait list numbers:

boys: 58 (down 13)
girls: 79 (down 17)
siblings: 27 (down 9)

Talk about movement!

Tonight I am thanking God for his faithfulness on this adoption journey.  His mercies, my friends, truly are new every morning.  Or evening. They even display themselves in emails.

God is good.  And if next month our numbers barely move He is still good.  His mercies will still be new every morning.  God will continue to be faithful while we wait.


Steve & Megan said...

Hey now! That's incredible! I see that you're still sending prayers for a miracle christmas. I love you!

Stephanie said...

I was so excited to see your post on facebook this morning i couldn't wait to get to work to read your blog! I am so excited for you and the children that have finally been given a home. YAY!

Alison said...

Down 17!?! Oh my goodness, that is crazy good movement!!! So happy for ya'll!!!