Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Number 3

Not thinking about something doesn't negate the fact that the inevitable will happen. 

Each trip back Ohio includes a trip to the Cleveland  Clinic's Cole Eye Institute.  While we love Gabe's therapists and really like his doctors, Texas Children's ophthalmology appointment just didn't compare to the Cole Eye Institute and Gabe's Dr. R.  We love Dr. R, respect his opinion on Gabe and his eye health and know he always has Gabe's best interest at heart.  So when he said that Gabriel would need another eye surgery, this time on the muscles in his left eye, we knew it was unavoidable. 

Matt and I had already noticed that his eyes we having trouble working together and deep down, I think we both knew that a surgery loomed in the future but we just didn't talk about it.  Or think about it.  That however doesn't change reality.  Reality is that at the end of September, we will travel back to Ohio where Gabe will have his third eye surgery.  With God and Dr. R on our side there's no doubt Gabe will do fine in the surgery, recover well and then have two beautiful blue-green eyes that work together and enable Gabe to see better than ever!

Please, no pictures!

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