Monday, July 16, 2012


Reunited... and it feels so good! 
One of the best parts of going back to Ohio is watching Gabe with his cousins.  Our sweet little boy has a huge case of hero-worship for his older cousins, which has become even sweeter as he routinely asks for them now by name.  He loves his cousins, and we're fortunate that they love him just as much in return.

The first few days of our trip to Ohio Gabe and I traveled with my mom and nephews Sam and Jake to visit my Aunt in southern Ohio.

No farm is complete without a chicken.

Not only was Gabe able to spend some quality time with his cousins, he was able to visit with lots of extended family members, including GAK.

Technology unites kids everywhere!

It was so hot that I didn't escape outside as planned to practice on my camera.  Their land goes on forever with rolling hills, dirt roads, ram shackled barns and natural life steaming everywhere!  Pictures, at least my pictures, would never do its beauty justice anyways.

Going to the farm, spending countless hours outside and just running around with my cousins just being a kid are some of my favorite childhood memories and I feel so blessed to be able to share them with Gabe. 

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