Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thankful Thursday Vol. 1

Today I am thankful for open adoptions. 

Well, let me rephrase that I have always been thankful for the open adoption we have for Gabriel but visits back to Ohio remind me just how blessed we are to have not only added Gabriel into our family on August 18, 2009 but a whole other extended family. 

Before we met Gabe's birth family I was afraid of an open adoption.  I was worried a relationship would be awkward; how would any of us be comfortable with each other.  I was scared; what if they wanted Gabe back?  I was nervous; what if we don't parent Gabe in a manner they would approve? 

But all of those fears were unfounded.  How could an open adoption be anything but lovely when there is an overwhelming feeling of love for this one spectacular little boy.  Obviously there are some hard moments, difficult emotions to process (and hide from Gabe)  but it is so worth it.

When Gabe is older and has a better understanding of adoption he's never going to have to wonder about his birth family; he will always know how loved and cherished he is by them. 

Visits back to Ohio usually include a visit with Gramma (birth Grandma) but it'd been over a year since since he'd seen Gigi (birth great Grandma).  Gabe knows how much they love him because he never needs anytime to warm up to them; he just dives right into the hugs, giggles and love.

This trip included two visits with Gramma and Gigi, one of which was at a park with Gramma's dog Posie. Gabe fell in love with puppy Posie.  I fell in love with watching Gabe play with Posie.

Gigi plays a game with Gabe where she runs circles on his hand with her fingers while
saying gentle.  It's super cute to watch and I was just tickled pink when Gabe grabbed
Miss Leslie's (PT) hand today and did "gentle" to her. 

I am so thankful for open adoption, playing in parks and two very extraordinary women who love Gabe beyond measure.

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Rebecca said...

Wow Meredith! That is so amazing and so very special... Makes me cry just thinking about the blessing that is for everyone. I just think of those poor grandmas that get no vote, you know? How their hearts must break to let go... But you have given Gabe's bio grandmas such a treasure!!! That is so incredible. He will be so grateful when he gets older to know how loved he was and not have to wonder.