Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I was clearing off our SD card and was quickly scanning through the pictures when this one caught my attention.  This isn't a good picture.  The lighting stinks, the cute little subjects in the photo can't be seen clearly but for a few seconds, this single picture made me pause and think. 

Trying to finish my task at hand I continued skimming through the pictures until I rested on this one.

Again, the quality of the picture isn't great but the picture, it just fills my heart with gratitude, eyes with tears and my soul with hope.  Immense gratitude filled my heart as I look at Gabe with C2 and C3; two typically developing children who don't wonder about their little friend that walks on his knees.  They don't care about his glasses, his knee walking or that his right eye looks like it's winking sometimes. 

Gabe is their friend; nothing more nothing less.  And that friendship includes everything that is beautiful, everything that is good and everything that is right in this world. 

Although they live in Ohio and we live in Texas, I couldn't be more thankful for Gabe and the sweet friendships he has up there. 

With friends by your side, life has a sweetness that can't be ignored and I'm so thankful that Gabe can taste that sweetness... even if it is only a few times a year. 

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Stephanie said...

That makes my heart feel good too!