Monday, October 15, 2012

Visiting the Pumpkin Patch

No Autumn is ever complete without a visit to a pumpkin patch.  And we didn't just visit a pumpkin patch, we went to Oil Ranch!  Oil Ranch is a working ranch with animals, tractors and all.  Besides all the ranch stuff they had a mountain of pumpkins, a petting zoo, train rides, hay mazes, a number of play grounds and Gabe's favorite, bounce houses. 


Our whole group of little ones.

The bigger kids in the bounce house.

All that fun and a pumpkin on my table for an $8.00 entry fee.  The icing on this pumpkin-fun cake?  It was actually a cooler day.  When we left the house to meet our friends from church it was about 70 degrees and a little cloudy - perfect pumpkin patch weather! 

I  must mention that by the time we arrived back home 6 hours later; Gabe's sleeves were pushed up, his jeans laying on the floor of the SUV and the temperature reading a slightly warmer 92.  I can't help but love this Texas fall!


alissa said...

remind yourself of that in July and August when we are dying. =)

Stephanie said...

What an awesome place. It looked like soooo much fun!