Monday, January 21, 2013

A Little Rewind Part 2

Christmas day dawned early and bright. After our traditional reading of Jesus' birth in Luke and breakfast, we started to open presents.  I say started because Gabe still does not like opening presents. And that's an understatement.  I opened one gift for him that I knew he'd love and we left the rest for when his cousins visited.  They loved opening up presents for Gabriel.

And I was right.  Gabe loved Cranky the Crane. 
 This Christmas brought another round of "waiting for you" photographs.  Although I wanted to take them to document our journey to our next little one, seeing and holding our "waiting for you" sign ignited the rawness of the feelings that hadn't quite had the chance to quell yet.

 Shortly before lunch, everyone arrived!   As always, Gabe was thrilled to spend the day with his cousins.

The aftermath.

 After a delicious dinner of ham and potatoes, lasagna and all the accompanying fixings, it was time for the annual cousin Christmas photo.

Samuel (7), Jacob (8), Ethan (10), Gabriel (3) and Caleb (15)

Gabe trying to escape.

After lunch, we headed over to Matt's mom and grandma's house for dessert.  It's not Christmas without wrestling.  This time Uncle Tony fell under Gabe's wrath [smile].

Gabe actually took the initiative to open a present with Grandma Donna.  It was so fun to watch him actually enjoy opening a gift and seeing what was inside.  Inside was a set of 100 blocks.  Those blocks went right to work while playing with Uncle Chris and have seen some building action every single day since.
December brought snow to Ohio and Gabe's first chance to play in it.  Last year when we were here visiting there wasn't any snow and the past two years before Gabe was too little to play out in the snow.  We have brought snow into him to play with in the house but there is nothing like playing outside in the snow.

Papo and Gabe made snow angels.

Snow Basketball

 Gabe had what was his worst temper tantrum ever when it was time to come in.  All of the snow has melted now but surely there will be more snow (c'mon, it's Ohio) and more time to play outside in it. 

Shortly before all the snow melted away Gabe had some more visitors.  Grandma and Gigi came to spend the afternoon with him!

Grandma and Gabe playing with the heater, letting the warm air blow their hair all crazy. 

Gigi, Gabe and Grandma
Another favorite activity:  flipping the camera around on my phone and using it to see ourselves.  Gabe loves to watch himself yell.  This days fun took place in Gabe's tent.  Watching yourself yell in a tent?  Could life get any better?

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