Monday, January 14, 2013

A Little Rewind

A little rewind to the end of 2012!  It was a busy, beautiful, hard, fun, exhausting time.

 We made it to  Ohio and Gabe's first act of duty (after breaking his glasses and a crazy bath filled with lots of bubbles, 3 boys and water everywhere) was helping decorate a ginger bread house.

 In need of a change I had my hair cut.  And dyed.  A color that is nothing like my natural color and while I sometimes walk past the mirror and startle myself I pretty much love it.

We visited Kris Kringles Inventionasium which Gabe refused to go into.  While his cousins had a blast Gabe looked at teddy bears playing on a teeter-totter.  He was pretty impressed by the snow being inside the building.  After Sam, Jacob and Ethan were done with Kris Kringle, we went for a train ride.  The blue car was filled and we had to sit in the 'tender.'  Gabe was not thrilled and screamed for half the ride.  It wasn't until the train stopped that I understood what his distress was from.  I'll admit.  I found it pretty humorous. 

Christmas Eve came.  Church, dinner out and then back to our temporary living arrangements (Nonny and Papo's) to visit with family.

He's just the most handsome little boy ever!

A Christmas Eve wrestling match was on when Uncle Mark got down on the floor with Gabe.

(Stay tuned for A Little Rewind Part 2 which includes Christmas, playing in snow and a lot of everyday living. )

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Stephanie said...

And Gabe, could he be any bit cuter in that handsome sweater!