Sunday, April 14, 2013

Gabe say what?

Gabe says some of the sweetest and sometimes the funniest things.  I just had to write (and share) some of these down.  He changes so quickly that I know, shortly some of these conversational quirks will be things of the past.

  • Gabe is still working on learning proper pronouns.  Whenever he needs help, he says "help you," instead of help me.  This one is fading fast as he has slipped in a "help me" occasionally.
  • When Gabe is having fun with his Daddy or Nonny and I interrupt, he says "see you soon."  It's his polite way of telling me to leave the room.  On the other hand, if he says "see you soon" when he's by himself... it generally means he's up to no good!
  • Whenever Gabe leaves us or we leave him, he says "be right back."   Just a little verbal reassurance that we aren't leaving him for good and that we'll pick him up from church or Papo's house, or that I'll still be in the waiting room after therapy.  It is hilarious when he's walking towards the door at therapy and repeatedly says, err yells "be right back, Mommy."  He also say "be right back" at bed time, again, to assure himself Mommy and Daddy are there. 
  • Another way Gabe reassures himself is by saying "It's okay."  Whether he has hurt himself, hears something scary (mixer, vacuum, roller coaster) or on the occasion, does something he's not supposed to do, he always responds "it's okay."  It's mostly sweet, but a little sad when you hear him say it with a little quiver in his voice.
  • "Oh yeah"  Whenever Matt's home there's always a little random "oh yeah" heard in conversation.  The last thing Matt say to Gabe at bedtime is "oh yeah" as he's leaving the room.  Gabe loves this game and can hardly contain his excitement to respond back with an "oh yeah" to Matt.  Be it bedtime, right when Daddy gets home from work or a million other times a week, Gabe loves to say "oh yeah" with Daddy.
  • Speaking of bedtime, when I tuck Gabe into bed I say "I love you sweet boy" and just recently he started saying "I love you sweet mommy."  Melt my heart. 
  • Gabe loves Toy Story; specifically Woody and Buzz.  Every night at bed time, Gabe asks Matt "Woody off?" and when we leave the house for therapy we have started leaving Buzz at home (c'mon, how many things am I supposed to carry around - Gabe needs to bring his own bag for all the items he wants with him all the time!) and as we pull out of the driveway he says "Buzz home on the couch." 
His language and conversation skills just keep growing, so I'm sure there will many more sweet and funny Gabe-isms. 

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