Monday, April 29, 2013


Gabe doesn't like sweets.  He doesn't like cookies, candies or even chocolate!  Gasp!  I know.  Occasionally he'll eat a few bites of ice cream but other than that, nothing!

While he doesn't like sweets, he's always very interested in what's cooking in the oven.  While making chocolate chip cookies for an adoption fundraiser, Gabe was enamored with watching the cookies start as balls, melt thin and then grown.  So enamored that he asked to eat one!

He ate all of one bite before handing the cookie back to me and going back to watching the cookies bake in the oven.  Never fear though, the cookie didn't go to waste! 


Steve & Megan said...

So jealous of Gabe. Just reading this makes me want something sweet. (And if you ever need a buddy to eat sweets with E is your man! Kid loves sugar,,,,probably because he never gets it. He goes nuts for a treat. Also his Mama will eat candy with you anytime!!)

Catherine Besk said...

hahaha! I always eat my kiddos leftovers!