Tuesday, March 13, 2012

6 Months Waiting

Today marks 6 months of waiting for our little one(s).  Half a year.  6 months plus 1 day since this is a leap year.  Right now, if we'd gotten pregnant in the traditional sense, I would be sporting a baby bump right now.  There would be an end in sight, a date in mind and names picked out.

However, God has called us to do something a little different. Adoption is not easy nor is it for the faint-of-heart.  I would have to say that it's not for impatient people but considering I'm not a very patient person, that's obviously not true.  Actually, I'm very patient when dealing with children and most adults, I'm just not good at waiting.  But I'm learning to wait, to be patient during the wait and to use this wait as an opportunity to grow in my faith. 

God’s purposes are not for me to understand His plans: His plan is for me to understand Who He is.
- Ann Voskamp

(love me some Ann Voskamp)

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