Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another Texas First

Until March 12th, we'd never been to a rodeo.  And as of March 12, we still have never officially been to a rodeo! But we did have a great time at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  While our tickets included rodeo seats and passes to the Zac Brown Band concert, a two year old in tow who doesn't like loud noises and being in crowded places made us consider all the possibilities and all of those possibilities kept us to sticking to the Livestock show and carnival outside. 

Matt took a half-day vacation and we left right after lunch.  Getting there early won us a great parking space and even though it was the first day of spring break for Houston schools, we definitely beat the crowds.  Gabe had all the time he needed to look at all the cows, pigs, horses and chicks.   Gabe really loved the cows.  His eyes became round as saucers when he saw them.  I don't think he could believe how big they were as they ambled up and down the aisles.  The smells were pretty big too! Right next to all the animals there was a photo opportunity with a Texas Longhorn, but there was no way Gabe as going to sit up there this year!
Trying on a cowboy hat.

Outside at the carnival was the onslaught of fried food, carnival delicacies and lots of BBQ. I had what could possibly be the best fried pickles ever but we did stay away from the frog legs at the next stand! Frog legs? Yuck!

The view is always better on Daddy's shoulders.
By the Live Stock show there was also a great petting zoo.  There were lots of animals in the pen but Gabe was partial to the goats.  I was partial to the potbelly pigs scrambling around and the llama's sitting regally in the center of the petting zoo.

And then we checked out my new car the big trucks just waiting to be purchased.  I'm pretty sure I could rock out driving a truck this big!

Here's to next years Livestock Show and Rodeo where we will actually see the rodeo, eat more fried food and hopefully get Gabe's picture with a Texas Longhorn. 


Alison said...

SO fun!!! We never went to the Rodeo when we lived in Houston, but that is one thing that I wish we had done!

Carrie said...

Ha Ha I love that last pic of you and Gabe in the Truck! Hope things are well!