Friday, March 30, 2012

Bead for Like - Take 3

Updated to add - Bead for Life give away ends on Friday, April 6.

This visit to Ohio brought our 3rd annual Bead for Life party.  I love Bead for Life, what they stand for, the work they do to help alleviate poverty for Ugandan women and give them hope.  Hope for the first time that they won't be hungry, their children won't starve and their futures are now bright.   

Thank you so much to all my friends and family that stopped by to check out Bead for Life and help women work their way out of poverty.  Spending time with you and sharing in some yummy food was such a perk!  And a special thank you to my mom and SIL Annie for spreading the Bead for Life love with their co-workers. 

To further spread the Bead for Life love two commenter's on this post will win a bracelet!  Leave a comment, any old comment and be entered to win!

Once you choose hope, anythings possible. ~Christopher Reeve


Sondra said...

I loooove Bead for Life! I also love adding to my collection every March when you have your party!

Anonymous said...

The beads are sooo beautiful! I wanted to say hello first of all. I also wanted to know how Gabe's appointment went the other day. I have been thinking about him. Will you give him tons of kisses and hugs too? I hope you and Matt are doing well too!

Stephanie Marks