Sunday, March 11, 2012

Still No Computer

Our computer is still in the lovely hands of the Geek Squad at Best Buy.  Actually, it's not in the hands of the Geek Squad we left it with, but in the hands of their fellow squad members where ever they shipped it too.  After the viruses were cleaned off, Gabe and I went and picked up the computer and brought it home.  Only to find that while the viruses were gone, the computer still didn't work.  Ugh! 

After returning the computer to Best Buy, then re-returning to sign paperwork, Best Buy called with the news that it was a hardware problem and they needed to send it out. 

Hopefully, it's still under warranty. 

Thankfully, Matt lets me use his work computer at night.  Another reason I love him...

Unfortunately, we probably won't have it back for at least another week. 

Fortunately, Gabe and I will be visiting Ohio at the end of this week and won't need a computer.  Woot woot!

All of this written to inform our family that it looks like there won't be any pictures of Gabe and his awesome-self any time soon.  And that we're hoping for some snow when we're in town!

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