Tuesday, June 18, 2013

21 months (and a few days)

I couldn't find any animal to relate our 21 months of waiting too and I really wanted to be whimsical this month.  Stay away from the heavy.  But neither google nor bing could provide me with an answer to the search "animals with a 21 month gestion period." 
So with no capricious or fun comparison to share with you, I will share with you a song.  I love this song.  It draws me nearer to Him when the world of adoption, or the world in general begins to make me feel lost. 
I first heard it at Created for Care and each time I hear it, I am transported back to that magical place in Atlanta where I heard this song for the first time; standing next to Angie, tears streaming down our cheeks, arms raised high....

What music do you recommend for times of waiting in your life?  Music that transports you back in time, eases your heart or speaks to your soul?

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