Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Saying Goodbye

A few weeks ago we said goodbye to someone who is an integral part of Gabriel's miracle.  The fact that we forwent doctors in Texas and flew back to Ohio every 3 months to see him is a testimony to what a fabulous doctor he is.  Dr. R is so fabulous that the Cleveland Clinic has given him an assignment to be part of a team of doctors starting a clinic outside of Dubai.  They want to bring the world renowned care of the Cleveland Clinic Cole Eye Institute to people whom have never had access to good eye care.  We are so proud of our Dr. R but so sad to see him go.  Like hugs and tears kind of sad at Gabe's last appointment.  Dr. R is a one in  million doctor and I'm struggling with the fact that someone else will be in charge of Gabe's eye care. 
Gabe has come along way since his first appointment with Dr. R.  He was 2 weeks old, slept through most of the appointment and screamed through the rest. 
He's come along way from here: 

 Dr. Rychwalski, 
We were so blessed to have you on Gabe's care team from Day 16 to now.  It's rare to find a doctor who truly advocates for what's best for your child, even if it's not the norm.  You will be missed.  

The slight silver lining of the situation is that Dr. R will probably come back every 3-4 months while they're getting the clinic started.  He has 4 "special kiddos" as he calls them who's cases are so unique that if at all possible he will see.  Thankfully Gabe is one of those 4, so our goodbye may be temporary for now. 


Sondra said...

Love it.

Stephanie said...

That is amazing. So much heart and soul in that Dr. That it just fills my heart with hope and love!