Saturday, June 8, 2013


Life has been crazy busy and that's how we like it!

Therapy, play dates with friends, attending cousin's sporting events, playing outside... just a few of the things we've been up to lately!

 Watching the Memorial Day parade. 

Gabe scored a ball!
 A water play date with good friends:

Cleaning up Elyria at Serve Our City with our church. 

It's important to give back and we're starting him young!
After therapy visit to Barnes and Noble.  Not only is there a train table and lego table but an endless amount of books for Mommy to read!

Ethan's soccer game.  Alas, no pictures of the soccer game. 

Giving Uncle Matt love at Caleb's baseball game.  Again no pictures of the game - ha!

Contemplating different decorating techniques:

Celebrating National Donut day with two of my favorite guys.  On a side note Gabe forgoed the donuts and celebrated with Angry Bird graham crackers.  Silly kid!

Full schedule.  Full life.  Full hearts!  We are going full speed into summer, just wishing the weather would cooperate. 

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