Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The BIG reveal

At the beginning of 2013, we found out my lovely Megan was going to be adding a second baby to our 'family.'  Her and Steve were unsure if they'd want to know the gender of the baby so they asked me to be the secret keeper.  Just like Albus was the secret keeper of James and Lily's hideout, I was the secret keeper of baby A2's gender. 

Eventually, Meg and Steve decided they did want to know... and I was given the opportunity to find a way to surprise them with the gender of their sweet little one.  Matt and I will probably never have the opportunity to be surprised by our baby's gender and I felt incredibly honored that Meg and Steve entrusted me with this.  I was also beyond excited and went directly to Pintrest for some ideas. 

After lots of looking and testing my creative abilities (or lack of creative abilities), I pinpointed a reveal idea that would be fun and relatively easy.  I wanted to have another fun activity at the party.  I became enamored with the idea of "a bow or a beau" but couldn't find a way to make it work.  JoAnn Fabrics and Michael's failed me big time! 

Then I had an idea.  An idea all my own.  I was ridiculously proud of myself if I'm being completely honest.  The theme was "A second little mister or a new baby sister?"  and I made mustache and flower clips for people to wear.  It was truly so much fun and such a fabulous way to celebrate a new baby coming in the world!

Pre Reveal

Mama-to-be Meg.  Yes, she's one of those really cute pregnant women that most women can't stand.  Truly darling!

Team Girl led by Steve:

Team Boy led by Megan:

Matt and I weren't allowed to vote so that we didn't give anything away.  Or make Meg and Steve think we were sending them subliminal messages or something.

The Reveal.

Opening the box.

I love how they matched! 
 What's in there?

Megan was certainly in disbelief.

She was sure baby number 2 was a boy.

But she was wrong.  I'm so glad she was wrong.

 Fly away balloons

The happy little family of 3-soon-to-be-4!

 Meg's mom Christy thought she was having a boy....

but sometimes Dad's do know best.  Megan's dad Tom was certain he'd be welcoming a granddaughter. 

Gabe and Eli, best buddies hiding out in a box.

 Eli celebrated his new baby sister with a cookie... or two, Christy and I aren't telling. 

Me and the Mama-to-be.  So excited to have a little "niece" in our sweet family.

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