Monday, July 8, 2013

Daddy's Work

Last week we finally made it out to Matt's work.  Gabe and I went to Youngstown to see his Caleb play baseball and since we were in the neighborhood stopped by Matt's work.  It was fun because Matt was able to go watch part of Caleb's first game during his lunch and then after the second game we visited him at work.  Gabe was a big fan of both the baseball games and seeing Daddy at work.  Especially because visiting Daddy at work meant seeing lots of trains!

Matt took us on a tour around the outside of his facilities.  We were able to see exactly how big each steel mill was, visit one of Matt's offices (he has 2, one at each mill) and of course, see lots of trains.

Gabe loves pointing out all of the trains and the diesels.  He was in diesel heaven!

Wearing Daddy's safety hat.

Seeing Vallourec was pretty incredible.  It's hard to understand exactly how large a steel mill is until you're right next to it.  Though it is easier for me to understand how Matt has time to call me when he goes from one office to another [Smile].

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