Friday, July 12, 2013

The Sun Came Out

After the rainiest June on record, July has been much of the same.  Some days I just want to stand outside in the rain, and say "really, Ohio... we came back to this?"

Occasionally though, the sun will shine and we hurry outside to catch a glimpse and feel the suns wonderfully warm rays on our skin.  We finally had the chance to fill up Gabe's new pool.  

It's just a small inflatable pool.  But it has a slide and came with floating clown fish.  

In our house clown fish are always named Nemo or Nemo's Daddy.  Gabe's pool came with a portable Nemo that has somehow since made it into the house and a stationary Nemo's Daddy that sprays water out of his mouth. 

 The hose water was cold so Gabe played outside of the pool.  Nemo took many trips down the slide before Gabe finally ventured IN the pool!

After getting used to the cold water Gabe, Nemo and Nemo's daddy had hours of fun.  

Giving Nemo a hug.

Gabe and Nemo played in the shade, talked to Marlin (the name of Nemo's daddy on Finding Nemo), splashed, slid down the slide and soaked in the beautiful sun.

It wasn't too long before clouds covered the sun, rain started to fall and Gabe's pool was stored in the garage until the sun comes out again.

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