Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tall Ship Fail

The Tall Ships were in Cleveland and we thought it would be fun to go see them.  Huge fail.  They were not even remotely handicap or buggy accessible even though the attendant at the front said that the smaller ships were.  Carrying Gabe around on a rocking ship is not too easy... just ask Matt!  Suffice it to say we will not be going back and would've preferred to have spent the entrance fee on something better!

I love this picture.  Not of Matt but of Gabe's smile.
This is the smile Gabe always saves just for his daddy.  

No walking the plank, or driving the boat but Gabe was pretty
excited to ring the bell! 

Slow but steady steps off the boat. 
 It was pretty exciting to see the Bomb Squad.  Underneath it reads: "this vehicle purchased with forfeited narcotics funds."  Take that seedy citizens of Cleveland!

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