Friday, August 30, 2013

Brown's Town

A few weeks ago a flier at Gabe's 'extra' OT session caught my eye.  It was an invitation to a closed practice at the Cleveland Brown's training camp.  In collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital, the Cleveland Browns closed their afternoon practice to the public and opened it to patients and their family. 

The night before we used Gabe's birthday money and bought him a Joe Thomas jersey.  He was so excited to wear his FOOTBALL shirt Wednesday morning.
Gabe and I had a few extra tickets so Papo, Jacob and Sam came with us.
Probably my favorite picture of the day.  A Papo and his boy.
We had so much fun!  There was a  nice tent set up to keep the sun off of us, a refreshment stand, games to play and great seats to watch the practice. 

Closing training camp to the public provided room for children in wheel chairs to have access to the fence. 
Closing training camp to the public allowed children who have sensory issues to be in a less hectic atmosphere.
Children with compromised immune systems were able to enjoy Training Camp without the risk of being around too many people.  And if they still needed to wear a mask, there was no one to look at them like they were out of place because masks are common things at the children's hospital and rehab facilities.
Closing training camp to the public afforded children who just want to be kids the opportunity to just be kids.

Trying to copy the Brown's players above.

This truly was a great experience.  We feel so fortunate for the opportunity afforded to us by the Cleveland Clinic and the Cleveland Browns.  

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What an awesome experience!!