Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Fair (Round 1)

We are big fans of fairs in this house.  
County fairs, street fairs, little town festivals.  
If there is fair food, we will come!  
If there are animals, we will come and stay longer.
If there is a slide and you will let my sweet boy ride on it, your fair/festival will be my favorite.
Score 1 for the Fish Festival, 0 for the Medina County fair

(They wouldn't let Matt help Gabe up the stairs to slide down the giant slide so we had to walk away with one sad little boy. It certainly won't be the last time this happens, so we will prevail and keep looking for fairs that will bend the rules for our sweet boy.)

But thankfully there were lots of animals! 

The first animal Gabe wanted to see... sheep!  I wanted to bring this soft guy home with us.

Kissing cows!

Petting piggies.  I liked when Gabe asked to give the animals hugs.  It was pretty sweet.

Someone's Thanksgiving dinner [Smile].

Gabe specifically requested not to see the chickens.  But we walked into the poultry building by mistake and he was pretty happy to see them anyways.

Petting ponies.

Gabe didn't want to eat anything.  Gasp!  But Matt enjoyed a Walking Taco and I had delicious fresh squeezed lemonade and the best fried cheese. 

Watch out local fairs, we're coming for you! 

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