Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thank you, Preston's Hope...

...for providing the perfect playground for Gabriel to play.  Preston's Hope is the perfect place for typically developing children and children that need a little extra help to run, explore and just be a kid. 

Showing Eli the basketball hooops.  
The sign reads "Perseverance means working hard and not
giving up." Gabe is the poster child of perseverance.  

The 45 minute drive seems nonexistent when Gabe is given the freedom to play on a playground; without needing mommy to help him do everything and being safe at the same time.  Preston's Hope has ramps that provide easy access to the slides, jungle gyms and each and every play house.  There are handicapped accessible swings, a sandbox with a zero entry point and even a train that Gabe could walk right into with his walker.  

Thank you, Preston's Hope for giving my son a place where he can be a kid.  Sounds a little bit like Chuck E. Cheese's but so much better.  And without the creepy mouse! 

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