Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bike Riding

Gabe became very good at riding a bike this summer.  He practiced at therapy and he practiced at home.  Nonnie's friend at work let him borrow a bicycle from their schools therapy room and we were sad to see it have to go back. 

While Gabe's bicycle riding skills have gotten better, this mama is still a little paranoid even with his helmet on so we didn't get many pictures of this latest feat.  Daddy was home on the last night Gabe had his bike and he did the stay-super-close-to-the-bike-so-meredith-doesn't-worry thing and I snapped a few photo's.  

It seems impossible that the sweet little baby we held in our arms four years ago is now a big boy riding a tricycle.  Isn't his gleeful smile in the last photo just precious?  I sure do think so.

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