Monday, September 9, 2013


"Therefore do not lose heart but take these truths and day by day focus on them.  preach them to yourself every morning.  Get alone with God and preach his word into your mind until your heart sings with confidence that you are new and cared for." 
- John Piper

In the past couple of weeks, four friends have posted this video. The first time I listened to the song but then became distracted and never listened to what John Piper had to share. 
This last time I watched the whole video and listened to John Piper.
If you are going through something hard, 
listen to John Piper. 
My heart hurts when I think of all of my friends that are going through the hard stuff right now. 
 Gut wrenching, heart stretching, faith testing stuff.
Let yourself be encouraged by him.  
Listen to John Piper and know your pain, your trials are not in vain. 


Though tonight I'm crying out
let this cup pass from me now
You're still all that I need
You're enough for me.

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